Vintage Housing’s offerings extend beyond the development process to the delivery of enriching programs and residential services that benefit low-income families, seniors and persons with special needs. We approach each project with design ingenuity, mapping out our robust service programs at the outset to ensure the best delivery of our offerings, including:

  • On-site property management services
  • Arrangements for grocery delivery
  • Pharmacy delivery
  • Monthly newsletters
  • Wellness programs administered by visiting physicians
  • Controlled building entry for resident security
  • Organized activities and trips in coordination with local senior citizen organizations 
  • After School activities
  • Computer training and financial literacy classes

Vintage Housing strives to expand the delivery of programs and services through a vast network of non-profit partnerships, local school districts, community alliances, volunteer and healthcare organizations. Special outreach to low income families is coordinated through our on-site managers who work with a variety of community agencies to provide information regarding affordable housing opportunities and services.